Installing Pool Safety Fences And Other Safety Measures: Making Pools And Space Safe For Everyone

How to Make Your Pool Safe for Children

Statistics show that over 300 children under the age of 14 drown in pools and spas each year. This translates to one drown child every day. Out of those over 300 children, most of them are 5 years old and below and drowned in residential pools and nearby spas.

And the cause of the drowning is not only because these children do not know how to swim. There are also instances when the lack of pool safety fences caused the accident or a child who knows how to swim was entrapped by a pool drain. Moreover, several cases of drowning are due to electrocutions and serious shocks that happened in and around the swimming pool.

In order to avoid any of this mishap and tragedy, you should follow these safety measures. The key is to add and implement several layers of protection in and around swimming pools and spas.

First of all, teach your kids to swim. Swimming is not only a good exercise for kids and a fun way to pass their summer but learning how to swim can actually save their lives. Children who do not know how to swim have a 70 percent chance of drowning compared to those who can.

Second, assign a water watcher at all times. There is no safety measure that can replace watchful adult supervision. If you plan to have or you are always having a regular pool party for children, make sure to designate one adult whose job is solely to watch the kids swimming in the pool. That person should avoid reading or texting or using the phone. You can assign one adult to do the job every 15 to 30 minutes.

Third, drowning does not happen like in the movies. Most cases of drowning involve no splashing and waving for help. Children go down silently and quickly. Hence it is important that you know exactly how many children are swimming in the pool and monitor their movement at all times.

Fourth, install pool safety fences and other barriers. Even if you do not have little kids, it is recommend and mostly required by law to have a pool having some sort of barrier to keep anyone and anything from falling into the water by accident. This barrier can come in the form of a fence or a safety net.

Fifth, install removable fences. These types of barrier are the most common and the most helpful safety measure you can add. Make sure that its height is at least 4 feet high and is non-climable. Also, the gate must close by itself and latches by itself and it should swing away from the pool. This is so that the children will not be able to push it open when the latch fails. There is no question to your interest in this matter. Quite a large number of websites have covered this subject producing thousands of articles. However, the valid and updates sources are in smaller quantity. Visit to enhance your knowledge about this topic.

These are only some of the most helpful safety measures that you can implement on your pool. Follow these to ensure the security of your own children and your guests’ as well.